Torch on roof

torch onTorch on is a method of application used to install and adhere roof membrane to the roof deck substrate. The part of the material that makes contact with the sheathing underneath is melted with a torch in order to seal the material. This helps to provide a secure hold and creates a waterproof seal that can prevent unwanted leaks. If it is installed correctly, torch on roofing can last a very long time. Two-layer systems tend to last around 15 years while three-layer system can last 20 years or longer.


The Different Types of Torch on Roofing

Torch on roofing is available in two-layer and three-layer systems. A two-layer system is made up of one base layer and one cap layer. Three-layer systems have a base, a smooth torch on layer and a torch on layer with a granular surface. These tend to last much longer and do not require as much maintenance if installed correctly.


Torch on roofing systems tend to be more expensive than other roofing materials; however, their resistance to harsh weather conditions and long lifespan make them well worth the additional cost over time.


All of our Torch on materials are from 3 major   manufacturers in North America.

  1. Soprema
  2. IKO
  3. Firestone