Chimney Leak Vancouver

We can Pin Point the Chimney Leak down to several problems

1. No Chimney Pot/Rain-Cap (chimney leak vancouver)

Chimney caps, also called rain covers, are probably the most inexpensive preventive measure that a homeowner can employ to prevent water penetration and damage to the chimney. Chimney caps have long been recognized as an important chimney safety and damage prevention component. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) specifies that any chimney lining system that is to be listed to their test standard must include a chimney cap.

chimney cap installation, chimney leak vancouverChimneys have one or more large openings (flues) at the top that can collect rainwater and funnel it directly to the chimney interior. A commonly-sized flue has the potential to allow large amounts of rain or snow into the chimney during just one winter when freeze/thaw cycles are common.

2. Chimney Crown (chimney leak vancouver)

Masonry chimneys are capped with a mortar “crown” to prevent water from getting behind the bricks and alongside the flue, and into the house. Over time, normal expansion and contraction cycles can cause cracks to form, as shown above. Sealing the chimney crown with crown sealer, a flexible elastomeric coating, is the best way to stop existing cracks from spreading and prevent new ones.


3. Chimney Flashing

Is a construction detail used to seal and protect the joints between a buildings roof and chimney from water penetration. The joints created by the intersection of the roof and chimney are among the most vulnerable areas of roofing systems. They constantly expand and contract in response to changes in humidity,temperature and age. The greater the number of such projections, the greater the potential for serious leaks. Flashing is used at these intersections to keep rainwater from leaking into the building. It makes joints at these junctions watertight, while at the same time allowing the natural expansion and contraction of materials to continue.


chimney flashing vancouver, chimney leak vancouverWhen to call us for Chimney Flashing Vancouver Service. (chimney leak vancouver)

  • When your chimney is missing flashing, weather its step flashing or counter flashing.
  • when your flashing is falling apart, not attached to the chimney properly, mortar joint is deteriorating.
  • When the flashing itself is rusted through
  • When its completely covered with tar (temporary short term fix)