Chimney Sweep Vancouver

Whether you decide to clean a chimney yourself or hire a professional, either way you’ll want to make sure a good job is done. Cleaning a chimney is im­portant to prevent chimney fires — and potential house fires. Therefore, the cleaner — be it you or a professional — must be thorough and comprehensive in carrying out the cleaning. You’re not just clearing out the soot and dust, but you need to scrape and remove creosote that has built up on your chimney walls.

Chimney SweepA lot of companies you find in google search will offer mechanical/chemical cleaning. Something that we don’t recommend doing as it can potentially damage, crack your flue liners.

At ASHLAR’s Chimney Sweep Vancouver, We prefer manual brushing technique to get rid of creosote, soot in your flue and smoke chamber. Limiting the physical damage to your flue.

Very important to have clean chimney

Having a clean chimney can eliminate chimney fires. There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for how often to clean your chimney flue. Weather its after 50 uses, or once a year depends on how much creosote build up is in your flue liner. You can take our recommendation to do it once a year if burning wood is your main source of heating for your home, and once every 2 years if you use your fireplace occasionally.


Do It Yourself (chimney sweep Vancouver style)

To clean your chimney, you will need:

  • Chimney brush
  • Either chimney brush rods or rope and pull rings (depending on the method)
  • Tarp, drop cloth or other similar coverings for the floor and furniture
  • Tape
  • Metal bucket
  • Shovel and broom
  • Shop vacuum
  • Flashlight
  • Dust mask/goggles
  • Ladder [source: NASD]

**Its important to note that there’s great danger in performing these tasks. You are exposed to chemicals, and by products that may contain cancer causing agents. You will also be working on your roof top, so if Height is something you are not comfortable with, please call a professional.


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