Chimney Maintenance (Waterproofing)

Your chimney is exposed to more severe weather than any other part of your home. Spending a little time to protect your chimney now may save you thousands of dollars down the road after more serious damage occurs.
Having to take beatings from the weather all year round. Water penetration from the rain, frost and moisture can really get inside the pores of your brick and deteriorate them over time.

To successfully prevent a Chimney leak and to extend chimney life requires a lot of care and chimney maintenance. From repairing, reconditioning your chimney, flashing, mortar joint, to having chimney cap, pest screen installed and waterproofing chimney crown and brick.


chimney crown repair, chimney maintenance

chimney crown repair

Chimney Maintenance for crown and brick

Masonry chimneys are capped with a mortar “crown” to prevent water from getting behind the bricks and alongside the flue, and into the house. Over time, normal expansion and contraction cycles can cause cracks to form. These spider cracks need to be patched, and sealed to prevent further damage.



To properly waterproof your chimney, it is necessary to use the right product, and the right technique.


ASHLAR Fireplace & Chimney Services uses:

  • flexible type coating for your crown, which allows for contract and expand of the mortar at the same time seal it from weather conditions.
  • commercial grade water repellent chemicals for your brick. Now, a lot of companies uses a sealer to waterproof your chimney. This is not good because a sealer will create a film coat on your brick and trap water moisture inside that coat (water from the changing temperature of chimney when heating up and cooling down). With water repellent, it allows your brick to breathe, moisture able to evaporate through, which eliminates dampness in your brick.


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