Custom Chimney Cap

We strongly believe that by providing quality chimney service work, exceptional customer service, at reasonable price is the only way to build a successful business, and build long-lasting friendship with our customers. Phone us to find out more about our custom chimney cap service.


Our wide range of chimney services include:

  1. Chimney Sweep, general inspection
  2. Re-pointing/tuck pointing (refilling mortar joints)
  3. Chimney Pot/Rain Cap/Pest Screen Installation
  4. Flashing replacement
  5. Rebuild/Repair chimney crown
  6. Firebox repair/ rebuild
  7. Chimney tear down and rebuild
  8. Waterproofing chimney
  9. Temporary solution for tilting/leaning chimney


build up from condesation

build up from condesation

Chimney Sweep

A lot of companies you find in google search will offer mechanical/chemical cleaning. Something that we don’t recommend doing as it can potentially damage, crack your flue liners.

We prefer manual brushing technique to get rid of creosote, soot in your flue and smoke chamber.

During the sweeping process, we also do a thorough inspection of your chimney from top to bottom, then make appropriate recommendation to fix or to properly maintain your chimney.


Having a clean chimney can eliminate chimney fires. There’s no one-size-fits-all rule for how often to clean your chimney flue. Weather its after 50 uses, or once a year depends on how much creosote build up is in your flue liner. You can take our recommendation to do it once a year or you can inspect the flue by yourself and decide if it needs a sweep or not.

“To check for creosote, shine the light near the top of the firebox, in the smoke chamber and around the damper. And check the flue, too, especially on exterior chimneys, where creosote builds faster than on interior chimneys because of lower outside temperatures.”


We encourage you to contact us for professional advice, and discuss your options. Consultations are 100% free of charge.

Custom chimney cap

Well made, waterproofed chimney cap fabrication and installation.

custom chimney cap

custom chimney cap

custom chimney cap